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The models No. To inform our customers in detail about Yanagisawa products we currently offer media, reviews, test reports as well as interesting additional information on our website, for example product pictures, 41 detailed views, 18 demo sounds and user reviews. The and are considered “lesser” models than the and with a substantial price difference. Jordy Sax 35, views. He holds the high Drage Selmer for years on the soprano. The A Alto Sax stays true to its heritage with incredible tonal quality. High F , front F key, straight body, hand-engraved bell, comfortable lay of mechanisms, lacquered brass, smooth and quick response, full and round tone. Many people prefer a one-piece because they believe it responds and resonates better than a two neck instrument.

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Below are Here to main content. Secretary of brands alto sax is a. Online selection at least they were manufactured. They are basic, kenny berger has let us know about us here to offbrand horns. Loading unsubscribe from the largest online store.

If you have anything to add to this please send me email, including the serial number, the date manufactured or bought new, and the source of the information .

Saxophone Serial Numbers and Gallery. Any links will bring up pictures of past horn repair work, sold, inventory, personal horns or pictures from eBay. Conn DJH 90M soprano. The following information was compiled from serial number records which were not complete. Because of this, it is to be used as a guide or rough estimate of when a King or Cleveland model instrument was manufactured. It does not pertain to those models which were marketed under the Gladiator, American Standard, or other trademarks.

The popular King Super 20 may also have H. White engraving differed greatly in tone over the years. This allowed the metal thickness to be uniformed for each tone hole and now thinness in the body tubes. The later horns were made in Japan with drawn toneholes. These later horns apparently sounded much different from earlier models and have a brighter tone.

Martin was an immigrant from Germany in that year.

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Henri SELMER Paris instruments are distributed worldwide thanks to a network of dealers selected for their technical competence and the choice they offer. Find the list here. Our Parisian showroom does not sell instruments directly, but – thanks to the large choice on offer – we will be able to advise you on the model that will perfectly meet your expectations and guide you to the dealer nearest you. All our instruments are guaranteed for two years against any manufacturing defects as from the date of purchase indicated on the invoice.

The warranty does not cover defects due to accidental cause, misuse or negligence, nor does it cover parts subject to normal wear and tear, nor does it cover instruments that have been modified. The application of the warranty cannot, under any circumstances, give rise to a return of the instrument.

Buffet R13 Serial Number Chart. SELMER CLARINET SERIAL NUMBERS. Date: Model: Serial Number: Date: Model: Serial Number: 1/1/

For complaints, use another form. Study lib. Upload document Create flashcards. Documents Last activity. Flashcards Last activity. Add to Add to collection s Add to saved. The first Buescher horns were manufactured in Serial numbers up to approximately were produced prior to the fire at the Buescher plant in when all files were destroyed. Serial numbers were started at in the new building in Records – est.

Other cup mouthpieces are not available at this time. Both Fox and Renard bassoons use the same sequence of numbers.

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To submit your vote please sign in or sign up , it is free and takes a few seconds. Selmer Paris has done a sloppy job with its published serial number charts. Looking at the charts published in a number of reputable websites would have you believe that Selmer discontinued the Mark 6 in , but this is not accurate. Mark 6 production continued unabated througout and at the end of that year, approximately, they stopped making that model in the alto and tenor.

Baris, sopranos and sopranino Mark 6 horns continued production until the introduction of the Superaction 80 in Mark 7 saxes for altos and tenors mostly began in although a few examples of this model were produced and sold as early as

Here is a cool chart of the serial numbers and models of Selmer a dated warranty card in it, or a dated receipt with a serial number on it could.

Selmer Paris ClarinetsProfessional clarinets since The Series: is the letter in the serial number itself and not the modelSeries. Clarinets with markings similar to these can be identified as clarinets exportedto the United States. European and Canadian Selmer clarinets had nomarkings. A fantastic writeup on the beginning of Selmer Paris from Don MakrillThe Bb Boehm system clarinet was first introduced in the Selmercatalogue in per the.

Harmony and Metal clarinetswere serialized separately until at least Buffet R13 Serial Number Chart. Number of bids and bid amounts may be slightly. I was very grateful to read David. By the N series alltheir instruments are serialed together. Later Metal clarinets hadand adjustable barrel with a highly grooved section, earlier modelswhere not adjustable.

The articulatedG was not particular to the M-series, it appears in some horns of everymodel up to even the 10S. The old emblem, pictured right was similar to theBuffet Logo in that H. Selmer is on the top arch, Paris on the lower archboth in an oval. Thetwo bells here show that the US Import stamp was done separately from theSelmer logo as they are both in different positions — notice the space orlack thereof from the Selmer Paris wreath logo between the two.

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In Bundy hired George W. Kennedy announces his candidacy for the Democratic Presidential nomination. Formerly used solely for military signaling and religious ceremonies, the trumpet has since become a vital instrument. Bundy also hired Kurt Gemeinhardt, a young craftsman from Germany with a growing reputation, to assist in the design of Selmer flutes.

Please check out the serial number page for even more CLARINET SERIAL NUMBERS. Date: Design: Serial Number.

Remember Me? What’s New? Year of Manufacture. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 20 of Thread: Selmer Serial Numbers vs. Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Selmer Serial Numbers vs. Year of Manufacture There has been no end to the discussions and arguments about serial numbers and models and years of manufacture of Selmer Saxophones and Clarinets for as long as I have participated on this forum and also the now mostly defunct ‘Selmer’ forum. I have answered questions about serial numbers and approximate years for manufacture for years based on a typewritten serial number list that was once distributed by Ralph Morgan.

I am sure that I do not have the only copy of this list in existence and I am also sure that I have seen this list duplicated somewhere on the web, but retyped by someone who obviously must have had a copy of this same ‘Morgan’ list. I have never distributed this list as long as Ralph was alive because I figured that if he wanted to publish it more aggressively, that was his business

Selmer clarinet serial number dating

On the first 2 digits squier cv vs silver series except ’52 telecaster neck plate between the. Dating a serial number prefix is not always up to overlap by. Take a serial: matches and none of manufacture.

Even tough there any kind of the modern buffet leblanc armstrong, serial number dating – alto saxophone models, selmer u. Henri selmer clarinet serial number.

Selmer Bundy has been manufacturing musical instruments of all types since the early s and has been manufacturing saxophones since Over the years, they have manufactured over ten different saxophone models, making it difficult for musicians and collectors alike to determine which model they have or which year it was produced. Luckily, there is a simple way to, first, identify whether you indeed have a Selmer Bundy saxophone and, secondly, both the model and year of your saxophone.

Locate the Selmer Bundy engraving on the saxophone’s bell. All Selmer Bundy saxophones have an engraving of some sort on the bell to identify that it is a Selmer Bundy saxophone. Any engraving of the Selmer Bundy logo or the word “Selmer” designate a Selmer Bundy saxophone’s authenticity. Locate the saxophone’s serial number.

The serial number for most saxophones, including Selmer Bundy saxophones, is located in one of two places: on the side of the body tube opposite the D key or on the bell near the Selmer Bundy logo. Some Selmer Bundy saxophones even have the serial number in both locations. Open your computer’s Web browser and navigate to the “Conn-Selmer: Serial Number Information” page, located in the “Resources” section of this article.

Match the serial number found on the saxophone with one of the serial numbers listed in the “Selmer Serial Number Chart. Alexander Poirier began writing professionally in

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Serial Number. Prefix “24” Series. Prefix “3” to “9” Series. Prefix 1,2,3, etc. Prefix “V” Series. Prefix “R” Series.

Selmer (Paris) Sax Legend. Year, Model, Serial Number. , Model 22, ​ , , , , Model

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